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The Social Booth is a modern alternative to the traditional photo booth! Rather than making and printing photos it makes little Gifs or Boomerangs (videos) which your guests can email straight to themselves and upload to social media.


They also go on a live gallery - so you can view everyone else’s. As it doesn’t print - we don’t need to staff it - so you get to keep it all day and night, unlike a traditional photo booth which you only get for a couple of hours!

The Gifs are completely customisable - with your own logo or graphics!

View example galleries 12, 3 and 4.

The Social Booth generates it's own wifi connection as long as there is 3G or 4G available. If not, we can connect to your venue's wifi. If your venue is in a total black-spot, no problem! It will still save all of your photos and gifs and email them as soon as The Booth is back in range. 

Contact us now to see if your date is available!

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